Arappor Iyakkam

Arappor means 'Good Fight' or 'A non violent war'. Arappor Iyakkam is a people's movement that works towards building a Just and Equitable society.

SP Velumani Vs Arappor
SP Velumani Vs Arappor - Contempt case order
For just Rs.500 Fine you can now dump your waste in any waterbody
தமிழகத்தில் ஏரிகளில் குப்பை கொட்டினால் அபராதம் வெறும் 500 ரூபாய்
Jan 11, 2021
Prima facie Corruption evidences in Thanjavur AB-CRISM Tenders of Chief Minister’s Highways Department
முதலமைச்சர் எடப்பாடி பழனிசாமியின் நெடுஞ்சாலை துறை தஞ்சாவூர் டெண்டர்களில் ஊழல் முறைகேடு முகாந்திரம் – ஆதாரம்
What is the reason behind the Defamation case filed by Viswanathan IPS
Reason behind the Defamation case filed by Viswanathan IPS
EIA 2020 - Translate & Extend Time - Arappor
Translation of Environment Impact Assessment into Tamil and Extension of Timeline for Public Consultation
Pammal Moongil Eri Encroachment
Moongil Eri Encroached | Pallavaram | Pammal | Chengalpet
Arappor Ward team - Chennai
What is Arappor Ward Team doing to solve daily issues of Chennai People.
Arappor Demands FIR from DVAC on 2000 Cr Bharatnet Tenders

To, The Director, Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption, No 293, MKN Road, Alandur, Chennai 600016

Sub: Seeking registration of FIR against Minister Mr. R.B Udayakumar, Mr.Hans Raj Verma IAS, Mr. D Ravichandran IAS, other public servants and firms responsible for unlawful and corrupt activities in the TANFINET BharatNet tenders

Dear Sir,

Arappor Iyakkam is a people’s movement working towards Transparency and Accountability in Governance. Tamil Nadu FibreNet Corporation Limited (TANFINET) floated BharatNet tenders worth nearly Rs 2000 crores for laying fiber optic internet connectivity t...

Sathankulam - Dismiss the Magistrate and Take Criminal Action
Seeking action against Magistrate Mr B. Saravanan for Judicial Impropriety, violation of Supreme Court and High Court guidelines on arrest and for negligence - Mechanically passing remand orders of Late Mr P. Jayaraj and Late Mr Benicks leading to their custodial murder.