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Core Committee

  • Jayaram Venkatesan


  • Jahir Hussain

    Joint Convenor

  • Nakkeeran.P


Arappor means 'Good Fight' or 'A non violent war'. Arappor Iyakkam is a people's movement that works towards building a Just and Equitable society. Arappor Iyakkam's current focus is to establish Transparency and Accountability in Governance and build participative democracy to solve people's issues through a large citizen's movement.

Arappor strongly believes in the Constitution of India, its principles and rule of law. Our actions spring from the idealism enshrined in the Constitution of creating an India in which all people can live with dignity, fraternity and liberty. Our actions are dictated by ourselves subscribing to the rule of the law as the first measure and to proceed with our activities with a sense of responsibility and accountability, mindful of the constitutional spirit, ethics and propriety. The activities of Arappor are dictated only with the intention of securing social justice and economic well being of our society. We hold that we ourselves are duty bound to follow the law as much we expect the public officials discharge their functions within the four corners of the law.