Making Public Health institutions Transparent and Accountable and thereby improving public healthcare is an important part of Arappor’s work. TamilNadu’s budget towards healthcare has increased tremendously from Rs 1400 crores in 2004-05 to Rs 10000 crores now. While the budget has increased nearly 8 times more than what it was a decade ago, the services to people and the quality of health care has not increased in the same ratio. Bulk of the increase in budget has been lost in the corruption within the Health Department which is now one of the leading Departments in Corruption.

Arappor has been carrying out social audits in Government Hospitals and Urban Primary Health care centres, exposing bribery for essential services such as stretcher, engaging with the Department to mandatorily disclose information, campaigning to have information boards in Government Hospitals and Urban Primary health centres, exposing corruption in big tenders and purchase of equipments and medicines in Tertiary care hospitals, have transparent procedures to control infection in Hospitals etc