The primary focus of Arappor’s AntiCorruption work is to ensure Transparency and Accountability in Governance. Lack of Transparency and Accountability has caused huge damage to India over the last several decades. This has led to the cartelization of the Corrupt Politicans – Bureaucrats – Corporates/ Contractors and the interest of the citizens is totally ignored. Transparency and Accountability is central to the idea of democracy. The decisions and actions of those in Government are open to public scrutiny. The citizens must have the right to access any Government information. Without making significant progress on Transparency and Accountability, democracy is meaningless and impossible. Since the citizens are not well informed, the citizens are unable to raise pertinent and relevant questions and the Governments of the day remain self serving. Arappor’s anti corruption work primarily revolves around changing this. Arappor has been doing the following to change this

1. Exposing big corruption with data to create awareness amongst citizens and fight them legally towards its logical conclusion.

2. Working on pressurizing Government Departments to make their working Transparent and Accountable. Initially, we have started this work with the Health Department. Proactive disclosure is a must for Government Departments under Section 4 of the RTI

3. Pressurizing on creating legislations that would make the Government more Transparent and Accountable. Arappor has come up with a model citizen bill for Lokayuktha, an Independent Investigating agency to probe corruption.

4. Conducting social audits and public hearing on various public issues. Initially, Arappor has started this work on Public Health and Waterbodies.

5. Creating awareness amongst people on ways to access information and seek answers from Government. Arappor conducts regular training on citizens rights and Right to Information